1 Oct 2013

How to keep your frying pan clean and healthy!

Hey guys! 

Frying pan often gets damaged earlier than other utensils. As a house wife, it is very sad thing to see your frying pan with scratches. And you also wonder whether your pan is safe for your family once the coating is came off. Now we will give you some tips on how to keep your frying pan safe from damage longer. 

Use different frying pans depending on the usage
Separate usage for fried dishes / hard boiled dishes / fish dishes
Cooking all types of food with one pan will shorten the life span

Do not wash too often!
You do not need to wash your frying pan every time you cook. The best way is to wipe thoroughly with kitchen towels after use (except for sauté, hard boiled). However if you do not wash them for too long, oil stain will make your pan sticky.

Flour mixed water / rice washed water
Then you can wash them with rice washed water or flour mixed water. It can replace your dish wash detergent. Frying pans have small invisible hole something like human skin pores. If you wash your frying pan with normal detergent, it will remain inside the small pan pores then it is not easy to wash off using water. If you do not feel that your pan is clean, you can also try using baking powder or fruit cleanser.

Boil vinegar added water once in a while
Boil water and 1 spoon of vinegar to remove bad odors from your frying pan. You can also use one slice of lemon, lemon extract, or used green tea tea bag

Do not dump your hot pan into water / No iron scouring pad
You should remember not to dump your hot pan into water direct. It will affect the coating of your pan. Moreover, you often use iron scouring pad to wash your pan cleaner right? Well you shouldn't. Iron scouring pad is the worst enemy for your coating pan.

Do not use iron utility turner/ spoon while cooking

This will make scratches on your pan coating. It is better to use wooden or silicon turner for your coating pan. 

How to prevent food sticking on the pan
First, preheat your pan for a while. Then wipe your pan thoroughly using wet paper kitchen towel before pouring oil. Now you can see your food less sticking on the bottom of your pan. ^^

Have you guys found the info useful? 
Just try them at home. It will certainly help your pans to live longer ^^

Thank you! 

28 Sep 2013

How to make a Multi-plug cover

Hi guys! Long time no see ^^

I have recently got a phone call from my mom
“Multi-plug in kitchen doesn’t work son!”
So I went there to check why.

She’s saying that the on/off light goes off sometimes.
I had a look at the plug and it was very dusty and wet, 
so I had to run down to get a new one for her.

You know, it could be dangerous. 

Have a look at the new multi-plug.
It doesn’t look new at all! Plugs are all dusty.
And I also thought it could be very dangerous if new tap keeps on getting water splash.

Tada! Look how I could prevent multi-plug from dust & water splash
Prepare 1 empty water bottle (better if the bottle is square shaped^^

Cut the bottle mouth like the picture

Then cut the side of the bottle loooonng like the pic so that multi-plug of yours can go in!

Slip in your multi-plug! Then you are done!

0 SGD tap cover ^^

You can now prevent dust being piled up on the plug & multi-plug
Cleaning is easier ^^ and you can also prevent them from water splashes

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3 May 2013

Make a Korean style pancake at home!

Hi guys! We would like to share a very easy way to make a 
Korean style pancake at home!

All you need is 10 pieces of frozen dumplings and 2 eggs! 

Mince fried dumplings just like the picture using knife or scissors! 

And then break 2 eggs into the minced dumplings!

Mix them using chopsticks! 


Tadah! easy! right?

Here's one more tip for you guys. 
How to make a soy sauce for dipping the pancake!

Soy sauce 50 g, Vinegar 25 g, Spring Onion 1 sp, 
Minced garlic 1 sp, pepper 5 g, powdered red pepper 5 g

Just try this pancake with your family tonight! 

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28 Apr 2013

How to make your tap shiny!

Hi everyone!
Today we would like to give you some information on how to make a tap cleaner yourself! 
It is very easy~ just prepare a small spoon of peanut butter & baking soda!
Have look at this tap. It is all covered with water dirt. 

This one looks better but still. It is also not as clean as before right?

Just mix peanut butter and baking soda with an old tooth brush you don't use. Then brush them over on your tap/faucet/or any steel product you wish to clean.  

Then you wipe them out with a towel or a sponge 

See how clean they are!

After cleaning, you will feel that the water slips away from your tap for quiet while. 

Wow they are clean and new ^^

Hope everyone gets through miserable monday! after cleaning your taps!

17 Apr 2013

How to make a dust rag yourself! ^^

Hi everyone! Today we would like to share information on how to make a dust swipe.
Things to prepare: 
1. One normal wire hanger
2. One used stocking

First, pull the wire hanger side to side to make a shape like above.

Opps. stocking is too big.

Try making the shape more wider!

Now its good! 
It would be better if you use a black stocking.
You can see how much dust you collected! 

Tada! It even goes through very narrow gap under your bookshelf.

See its even narrower than 1 cm!

It will be better to hold if you tie the end like this.

Wow! Look at the dust!



After all, washing is also very easy if you use your shower.

Then use "S" loop to hang on the wall.

Within 2~3 hours it will be dried for another use.

Good day!

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14 Apr 2013

How to make thirsty hippo (dehumidifier) yourself!

Prepare yogurt plastic container (As many as you want)

& 500 ml water bottle cut into half (As many as you want)

First, make a steel chopstick hot to make holes on yogurt plastic container

Like this !! ^^

Like these~!!

Pour calcium chloride onto the yogurt plastic with holes
(Be careful !! direct contact with calcium chloride is not good for your skin!)

glue the sides of yogurt plastic

Its better if you can get Korean paper. But if you cannot, use napkins at home.
Stick the paper onto the glue part.

Cut off the edge nicely then just put the yogurt plastic on the 1/2 water bottle!

We have put some ribbons just to look nicer ^^
you don't have to 

Tada~! Handmade thirsty hippo (dehumidifier)!
Easy right?

Place them wherever you want to dehumidify.
You can protect your things from fungus and sm~~ell

Have a great day!!!!